Thursday, February 9, 2012

InSErgEnt Podcast: Thursdays 8pm (CST)

inSErgEnt's next podcast will be Thursday at 8pm (CST)! Listen in real-time as we construct a world of mind bending sounds, evolving from a primitive atmosphere then morphing into an advanced onslaught of intense rhythms, intense bass lines and modular sequences. Broadcasting in High Quality Audio.

Past Podcasts:

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Expected Performers:
Kyle on Serge Animoo Modular Synth
Cliff on Machine Drum, Moog
Johnny on Fodera Bass
Dan on Open Labs Neko

If you miss this or any other session you can download the podcast (rss) on itunes by following these directions:

1. Open "Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast..." menu in iTunes.
2. Enter